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Big data – a real treasure trove

So what is all this data good for? Are you aware that, in fact, you’re already surrounded by big data in your everyday life? Oh, of course – I did some online shopping yesterday and ended up buying something that wasn’t on my list because the online store made

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Augmented reality – the way we do things

Augmented reality, or AR, enables us to experience our surroundings in new ways. AR can also fundamentally change how we design, manufacture, operate and service products. As the technology increasingly augments our leisure and business activities, it is changing our

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Biotech for Chemistry, Flexible Production…

Biotech for Chemistry, Flexible Production and Chemical & Pharma Logistics are the focal topics at the world forum for the

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Everything was better in the old days – or was it?!

This special ability, which frequently helps us cope with disagreeable experiences, has no place in a process plant – and especially not in

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Batch process: As easy as food preparation?

Food preparation in kitchen has long been used to explain concepts of Process engineering, particularly the Batch process. ISA uses Yogurt preparation for explaining S88 concepts. Yokogawa uses

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Functional Safety Management

Version 4.02 of Yokogawa’s ProSafe RS significantly expands the product spectrum in terms of efficiency and safety. The integration of iDefine makes functional safety management

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