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The unbearable lightness of maintenance

Maintenance is a must. No-one would dispute that. It makes no difference whether you’re an owner of a fully automatic coffee maker or process analyzers. Nobody expects a measuring instrument to keep on working for an eternity without a single problem, delivering

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Overcoming hurdles – smart data as the key to Industry 4.0

In order to create smart or elegant solutions in the Industry 4.0 landscape, you have to utilize data and network it. And ideally, you shouldn’t stop on your doorstep. If you want to achieve the desired benefit, you must turn big data into smart data.

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Open communication

NAMUR, too, presented a more open automation architecture at its Annual General Meeting, which enables Industry 4.0 solutions for the process industry to be realized efficiently and flexibly. The association is particularly keen for the NAMUR Open Architecture (NOA) to be seen as an adaptation of the conventional automation pyramid. This approach separates the mission critical system from the open IT environment. The core automation is thus kept distinct from

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Intrusion via remote access

The ability to maintain a process plant remotely is not so much expected as demanded. In the modern digital age, remote maintenance has become the norm and indeed life would

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Measurement techniques: analog vs. digital

Analog or digital measurement techniques? It’s a good question! In contrast to analog technology, digital communication methods transmit a complete measured value, in other words both a numeric value and

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Big data – a real treasure trove

So what is all this data good for? Are you aware that, in fact, you’re already surrounded by big data in your everyday life? Oh, of course – I did some online shopping yesterday and ended up buying something that wasn’t on my list because the online store made

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