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Algae: A jack-of-all-trades with enormous potential and a bad reputation 2/2

No, they don’t exactly have a good reputation. No wonder. For in some places on our planet they develop into a real plague through their sometimes massive appearance. They damage the immediate environment, are even dangerous and have far-reaching consequences such as oxygen depletion for other organisms in water bodies (“dead zones”) or a decline in tourism. For science, on the other hand, they are an extremely exciting field of research. And from an entrepreneurial point of view, they are even regarded as the raw material of the future. Exactly, they are algae, which at first glance combine these partly contrary potentials. The second and last part of the two-part blog article deals with the possible uses of algae in science and industry.

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Algae: A jack-of-all-trades with enormous potential and a bad reputation 1/2

No, they don’t exactly have a good reputation. No surprise. In some places on our planet, they develop to a

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Verification of Request- The Guardian of NOA(h)’s Ark

This is not the first post on this blog dealing with change in the process industry and its automation. The

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Earth Overshoot Day- Helping the World with Yokogawa

Earth Overshoot Day, which was already on 29 July in 2019, is the day on which all natural resources that could regenerate and sustainably use the earth in a year have been used up by man. Especially in the areas of energy, environmental protection and nutrition, everyone is doing something to save the earth. Yokogawa, for example, is working hard against this background to implement the self-imposed goals of “Achieve net-zero emissions”, “Ensure well-being” and “Make transition to circular economy” as soon as possible.

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“We must not blame technology for everything” – Interview with IMK Manager Werner Worringen

From strategic marketing and committee work to future challenges and exciting events – Werner Worringen, IMK Manager at Yokogawa Germany, answered Tim Henrichs, Marketing Manager at Yokogawa Germany, in an interview.

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Digital Transformation – more than just a technological change

According to a Deloitte study, only about a quarter of the 100 companies surveyed in Germany have implemented a company-wide AI strategy. In an international comparison, this is a rather low figure – here the share is already 35 percent – although the use of artificial intelligence cannot be equated with digital transformation. However, it is of great and important importance, so that the conclusions of the study are also representative for the digital transformation.

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