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How NOA can add value for process analytics

When it comes to NOA, there is much talk about leaving the classic automation pyramid and the resulting consequences, especially with regard to (data) security. There is no question that this must be ensured. Many initiatives are on their way. This blog article aims to show why these efforts are worthwhile. The PAT demonstrator, which was presented at the NAMUR Annual General Meeting in 2018, serves as an example here.

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Crucial basic measures to ensure business resilience (Part 2/2)

After the first part of the blog article “Decisive basic measures to ensure corporate resilience” focused on the core tasks of Business Impact Analysis (BIA) and the foundations for resilience via Identity and Access Management (IAM), the second part now follows. Here the core tasks are to be brought up for discussion up to advantages of the Identity and Access management.

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DTSX1 on the EN54-22 certification finishing line: An interview about Yokogawa’s linear heat detector

Yokogawa’s linear heat detector DTSX1 is on the EN54-22 certification finishing line. Ralf Cymontkowski talked to the experts Cordova Cordova (Prudct Manager DTSX) and Toru Fukuzawa (Head of DTSX Solution Planning Section) about it.

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Crucial basic measures to ensure business resilience (Part 1/2)

The Business Impact Analysis (BIA) identifies, quantifies and describes the effects of a loss of resources on the business processes in a company. In the first part of Fatma Evren’s blog article, the core tasks of Business Impact Analysis, the BIA’s “risk appetite” and the fundamentals of resilience, Identity and Access Management (IAM) are examined in more detail.

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Safety needs friends… (Part 2/2)

As we have seen in part 1 of this article, there are processes that cause a system’s performance to (prematurely) deteriorate or that the system can no longer fulfil its purpose. As we will see, these processes are not so different for cars (part 1) and safety systems in the process industry. However, there is a big difference in the rules and regulations during operation. We drivers have a bit of the “main inspection” and perhaps the “inspection booklet” of the manufacturer on our backs. Otherwise the legislator more or less leaves it to us to admonish to be on the road with a “safe” vehicle. This is quite different with regard to safety in the process industry. There is a multitude of laws, rules etc. that must be observed.

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Yokogawa at SMART Automation – Impressions and Information (2/2)

Yokogawa presents the TDLS8000, DTSX and Rotamass at SMART Automation, the only Austrian trade fair for industrial automation, in the Design Center in Linz. The trade fair is regarded as the industry meeting place for Austrian process automation par excellence. On day two, the Yokogawa team was also able to look forward to its own booth – the voices were heard:

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