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When safety meets security – Combining the best of both worlds

On the HazardEx 2018, Rob Turner, Advanced Solutions Consultant, UK, gave a presentation about the combination of safety and security. He discussed how and why both worlds need to be merged. Check out the whole presentation!

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NAMUR: Process control elements (PCEs) with protective functions

Protective functions can be implemented in different ways depending on the desired quality. They can be hardwired, for instance, or alternatively integrated in a safety controller or – if certain conditions apply – in a basic process control system. These options are nothing new; however the requirements regarding protective functions in the basic process control system are specified in greater detail in current regulations. Learn more.

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Welcome to the Yokogawa Industry Blog

In today’s information society, it’s about always knowing the latest information – be Uptodate. It is precisely this exchange of opinions, attitudes and perspectives that makes this kind of communication a reality. Be part of it, in the Yokogawa Industry Blog!

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Safety and security – An inseparable pair

IT security is the foundation for functional safety. Your system is only secure if you implement safety and security measures. Learn more…

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Analyze your data – Step 5: Control

In this last step “control” of the data analysis you can check the economic success of your solution. How, learn here.

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Analyze your data – Step 4: Improve

What do you do with the results of the data analysis? Process monitoring? Soft sensors? Online optimizer? Learn more about the possibilities to improve process efficiency…

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