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Sushi Sensors: The smart health gadgets for the process industry

Smart health is a topic that is becoming increasingly important in the course of digital transformation. A very lively and promising market has developed around digital health offers, but also in the field of medical and medical technology research and development. Experts from politics, medicine and business assume that Smart Health, Big Data and artificial intelligence will optimize medical care and at the same time contribute to massive savings in health care. Take this example and transfer it from health to industry: preventive maintenance reduces costs – and much more.

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Flexible into the future

Rarely has the need for individuality and flexibility been as great as it is today. A circumstance that makes the markets even more dynamic. Consequently, companies in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries are striving to make production as flexible as possible – in every respect. Of course, the whole thing should also be economical. But is that even possible?

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Artificial Intelligence: Far more than Terminator, K.I.T.T. or R2-D2

Artificial intelligence? Sure, they’re robots or androids. For example the little R2-D2 from the Star Wars saga or the Terminator from the Hollywood blockbuster of the same name by master director James Cameron. Even K.I.T.T, David Hasselhoff’s cult car in the 80s series “Knight Rider” with its own personality is KI. By no means. Rather, KI – to put it in its simplest terms – is first and foremost a computer software that is practically adaptive and self-improving on this basis. And it already surrounds us almost everywhere.

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To the point!

Fine particles from all those New Year’s Eve fireworks, the dark side of the Moon, hackers leaking politicians’ personal data

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Second column of Dr. Andreas Helget

In his second column Yokogawa – Managing Director Dr.-Ing. Andreas Helget comments on exciting topics like CircularEconomy or PrecisionFarming on the occasion of the last World Fatigue Day on our blog.

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Blockchain in focus – New column by Andreas Helget is online

In his latest column Dr. Andreas Helget, Managing Director of Yokogawa Deutschland GmbH, deals with the subject of blockchain. What potential does this possibly revolutionary idea offer? And why is the blockchain still a headwind?

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