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Pharmaceutical Single-use Technologies: An Environmental Trade-off?

The motivation to reduce costs, meet regulatory requirements and improve process flexibility has led many pharmaceutical companies to consider single-use, pre-sterilised plastic equipment systems as an alternative to stainless steel. Single-use equipment makes the pharmaceutical manufacturing process increasingly efficient and less costly. However, with the environmental impact of increased plastic waste making headlines, and limited recycling opportunities facing the industry, is there an environmental trade-off happening?

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Third column of Dr. Andreas Helget

BLOG / In his third column, Dr. Andreas Helget, Managing Director of Yokogawa Germany, deals with the topic of sustainability in the chemistry sector. It is an open secret that in view of the immense consumption of raw materials in this industry, the “key” to the future of sustainable chemistry is being feverishly sought. What role biomass, i.e. (micro)algae, play in this context can be read here.

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Assistance systems – 1. Our little daily helpers

Even in the age of smartphones and the like, our car is one of our favourite technical toys. Whether for reasons of safety or comfort, more and more assistance systems have found their way into the process of driving a car – as in the process industry. The mini-series starting with this article deals with what assistance systems there are, what typical applications are and what benefits they bring.

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System integration – when less is more

Yokogawa has been making ASI – Analyzer System Integration – successful for more than 50 years. But in addition to these so-called greenfield solutions, Yokogawa also offers customized, smaller solutions for brownfield systems if required. So it’s a kind of ASI light.

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Hand in hand with the process data

Alarm! Is there now a hectic rush at the control station? Or does the operator lean back and relax, press a button to acknowledge the alarm and continue to sip the coffee he bought a minute ago?
Both are possible, both are interesting information – usually when it comes to alarm management for the analysis and reduction of alarms according to EEMUA 191, for example. But even at the beginning of a data analysis, a look at this data makes sense.

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May we invite you to lunch? And the unsuspecting colleague foots the bill…

Everyone knows the principle: Scanning a QR or barcode via smartphone can make many everyday processes easier – for example, when entering the cinema, checking in on an aircraft or paying for a flight. But this convenient technology also harbours security risks – a remarkable example from everyday life.

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