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Plant security – the decisive move

Plant Security is the decisive step to start the transformation process of your company to Industry 4.0. A tailor-made concept that equally includes functional security and IT security is essential.

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Analytical system solutions – eat without cooking!

What do analyzer system solutions have to do with cooking and eating? Both cases are about keeping it alive. This is how we integrate analyzer system solutions. Read now!

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Back to the future with CENTUM VP

With the new version of the CENTUM VP it is possible to insert the brand new CPU into all PNKs of the FFCS series, with existing redundant design and with newer models even online, without stopping the process-related components! Find out more now.

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Emotions out, data in – Big Data in sports

Big Data has long since arrived in the football world and it is impossible to imagine it without it. Space analyses, pass strength, how many opponents were killed with passes or dribblings – information that says much more than just possession of the ball and pass odds.

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A stable foundation for the digital future of plants

Digitisation offers great opportunities for industry, that is no secret. This makes it all the more important to place your plant on a secure foundation.
Against this background, network and system security in industrial process control systems are important factors. Keyword: Plant Security.

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SBA – an industry is changing

Whether automotive industry or process industry – the world is changing and new trends, technologies and business models will continue to prevail. Yokogawa’s answer to the (digital) change is Synaptic Business Automation (SBA) with its core element, the Value Creation Cycle.

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