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TDLS8000: Maintenance-free, SIL2 certified and explosion-proof

In almost every chemical production plant, it is always necessary to store various substances in containers or tank farms. Depending on the chemical substance, this can from time to time result in an explosion hazard. For this reason, elementary protection against a possible explosion must be provided. In the best case scenario, this should be done in such a way that no explosive gas mixture can form in the gas phase of the container. In the age of ever-increasing safety requirements, a current safety assessment may make it necessary to actually record the oxygen content – especially if the device in question has been classified as a SIL (safety integrity level) application.  This is exactly where Yokogawa’s TDLS8000 laser comes into play.

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Interview with IMK Manager IA Services Fatma Evren

International Women’s Day was a few weeks ago. Nevertheless, we would like to take this opportunity to introduce one of our employees and see what she and the industry are up to. A lot has changed for the better over the years. But what about women working in traditionally male-dominated fields like the process industry? Has their situation really changed as radically as we imagine? And how have the changes impacted on Yokogawa?

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When music streaming meets crude oil

The digitalization of music has forced an entire industry to make a drastic change, which with new business models, especially streaming, has again developed into a growth market in recent years. Let’s remember a little backwards: Filesharing services were initially very popular. Wouldn’t it have a certain charm to get the music directly from the artist and pay him and all those involved quickly and fairly? But how can the integrity of such a software system be guaranteed? The blockchain can make an important contribution to this – also in all areas of the economy, where numerous ideas for new business models are developed and tested against this background.

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Digital Transformation: Can there only be one?

Although the digital transformation in the process industry is facing a significant change, there is still the view in some places that the change in technology, processes and business methods can be carried out using tried and tested methods. Some defend the respective historically grown areas and solutions. However, the implementation of digitization projects is a highly interdisciplinary task, and it affects all areas of the company.

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The History of the relationship between Japan and Düsseldorf

Yokogawa Germany is located in Ratingen, which is close to Düsseldorf. Düsseldorf is known as one of the biggest cities in Europe where many Japanese live. It is even called as “the capital city of Japan along the Rhein River”. What brought so many Japanese to Düsseldorf? As part of an exchange, Yokogawa employee Rei Matsumoto from Japan was a guest at Yokogawa Deutschland GmbH in Ratingen for around eight weeks. Here she describes some of her impressions and thoughts. Among other things, she draws exciting cultural comparisons

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Happy Birthday, IoT: The Internet of Things recently turned 20

Whether E-Health, Smart-Home, Smart-Car, Smart City or Smart Production – all these areas, which have emerged more and more in the recent past, are typical examples of the so-called “Internet of Things” (IoT) or in German: the “Internet of Things”. The British technologist Kevin Ashton is responsible for the fact that this long-established term was able to celebrate recently its 20th birthday, more precisely on 21 February (already). The 50 year old Briton used the abbreviation “IoT” for the first time in 1999.

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