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Keep Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) up to date – secure implicit knowledge

SOP – Standard Operation Procedures – play an important role, especially in regulated companies such as the pharmaceutical or food industry. Due to the high relevance of the processes to the environment, health and safety, the share of SOPs in these industries is correspondingly high. But it is not only here that standardised procedures are documented. They also help employees in many other areas of industry to handle recurring process sequences with consistently high quality. No wonder, then, that SOP management is also becoming the focus of Industry 4.0.

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M+C sensors, M+O sensors and process analytics

NOA – NAMUR OPEN Architecture – is powerfully on the move. Two terms keep coming up: M+C sensors and M+O sensors. M+O stands for maintenance and optimization. These are the new ones. These are the ones that detect the properties of process components (not the process medium). The detection of vibrations of machine parts such as pumps or valves has already become a classic example of pure M+O sensors.

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The Future of High Content Analysis is 3D

Yokogawa and InSphero combine the power of advanced HCA (High Content Analysis) platform with multicellular 3D models for drug discovery. By the way: There’s a free webinar on June 18th on the subject. Registration is possible at the end of the blog article.

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Life Science in Space

Have you ever thought about life in space? Have you ever imagined how cells grow, divide and migrate if there is no gravity? Much is there to learn for mankind and in order to address these and other Life Science questions the International Space Station (ISS) will be equipped with a powerful Confocal Space Microscope. We at Yokogawa are proud to support this endeavor with our CSU-W1 unit. Learn more about its journey into space here…

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Communication in our Times – New Work: Remote Communication

Plants and work processes are becoming increasingly complex in industry and require service and maintenance staff to have very extensive knowledge. In the course of product development, increasingly intelligent concepts are being developed. These are designed to help service and maintenance staff to be supported remotely by an expert in complex work processes with the aid of “smart technologies” – specifically with mobile devices. With the help of these “smart technologies”, problems that arise can be transmitted very quickly to another location on earth in the form of multimodal information – i.e. films, graphics, pictures or explanations – adapted to the situation. We are talking about Remote Communication.

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Optimisation? Of course! – Part 3 of 3

The potential for innovation through digitalisation and its digital technologies is infinite – especially with regard to Synaptic Business Automation. With the entrepreneurial innovation mindset and methodologies like the SBA, many ideas can be found and implemented. Against this background, it is of course indispensable that the security foundation is laid in digital terms – keyword: Plant Security.

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