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“We must not blame technology for everything” – Interview with IMK Manager Werner Worringen

From strategic marketing and committee work to future challenges and exciting events – Werner Worringen, IMK Manager at Yokogawa Germany, answered Tim Henrichs, Marketing Manager at Yokogawa Germany, in an interview.

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Digital Transformation – more than just a technological change

According to a Deloitte study, only about a quarter of the 100 companies surveyed in Germany have implemented a company-wide AI strategy. In an international comparison, this is a rather low figure – here the share is already 35 percent – although the use of artificial intelligence cannot be equated with digital transformation. However, it is of great and important importance, so that the conclusions of the study are also representative for the digital transformation.

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Where to store your passwords and how

Whether banking, shopping, mailing, streaming music or TV, forums or social networks – passwords are in demand almost everywhere. As secure as possible, of course. And in order to guarantee the highest possible level of confidence, i.e. confidentiality of your data, you should not only choose a password that is as secure as possible, but also a password that is as individual as possible for each individual account. But be careful! One thing should be clear to everyone: there is no one hundred percent guarantee of security. However, one can and should try to make the security layers around one’s own sensitive data as impenetrable as possible in order to get as close as possible to the optimal protection. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to do this.

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Stahl and security: Full concentration in tune with the times

The company R. Stahl can look back with satisfaction on the first six seminars held in April in some major cities in northern and western Germany under the title “Explosion Protection Day”. Whether in Bremen, Hamburg, Leipzig, Dortmund, Cologne or Frankfurt – Yokogawa had the opportunity to be a lecturer at every event. And with the brand-new topic: Plant Security.

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5G is on its way – all you need to know about tomorrow’s cellular network

Around 60 years after Germany’s first cellular network was launched, 5G (5th generation) is all set to follow 4G (or LTE) in the near future as the market’s next mobile standard. 5G represents a new stage in the evolution of mobile communications. But what can it actually do? And what conditions must you fulfill in order to take advantage of the new high-speed cellular technology’s breathtaking data transfer rates?
You can find answers to these and other questions linked to this exciting topic in the article.

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How NOA can add value for process analytics

When it comes to NOA, there is much talk about leaving the classic automation pyramid and the resulting consequences, especially with regard to (data) security. There is no question that this must be ensured. Many initiatives are on their way. This blog article aims to show why these efforts are worthwhile. The PAT demonstrator, which was presented at the NAMUR Annual General Meeting in 2018, serves as an example here.

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