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Process analytical technology is expensive, isn’t it?

What is the value of process analytical technology, i.e. how great is the added value of PAT for the process engineering industry? What contribution does it make? The article answers these questions. Find out more now.

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12th seminar for doctoral students – dialog consistent with the WG-PAT philosophy

This year’s doctoral seminar was again held in keeping with the philosophy of AK-PAT (Working Group of the Division Analytical Chemistry within the GDCh), which maintains close ties to DECHEMA’s Process, Apparatus and Plant Engineering group. Exchange between the different participants from teaching, industry and manufacturers, especially vertically, i.e. exchange between experienced professionals and academic beginners. The unifying topic was a core topic of spectroscopy: “Multivariate Data Analysis”.

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Is your measuring instrument in good health? The built-in doctor knows what’s wrong.

Know whether the meter requires maintenance or not. With the Yokogawa solution, the meter can even be tested during operation. Take a look now to learn more about the Tube Health Check!

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